Website Security Isn’t Optional

Take A Proactive, Defensive Position When It Comes To Keeping Your Systems Safe Small Business Insights: Security Protecting your small business website design can't be an optional, add-on feature and that's why we trust Sucuri with our own website. The Sucuri Firewall (WAF) protects your small business website from software vulnerability exploitation attempts, brute force attacks and distributed denial of service (DDoS) disruptions. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that Sucuri will provide you protection against website attacks 24/7/365. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation DoS /DDoS attacks have increased in popularity. They are easy to employ and highly effective. Often, the attacker [...]

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Why We Don’t Offer Email Accounts

Looking For A Company Email System? Run, Don't Walk From Accounts Tied To Your Hosting Small Business Insights: Email Any self-respecting website designer that includes hosting as a service likewise offers email accounts as well, right? That's just how things are done. I mean not only email accounts, but unlimited email accounts with unlimited storage. And a free dessert. And a ride home after the show. At The Affordable Web Guy, we've decided to not offer email accounts and here's why. The big boys do it better and we can't match the services, scope, and scale of major players [...]

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It Ain’t Magic. It’s Just Good Service

Earn Your Client’s Trust & Keep It Small Business Insights: Customer Service Just about every time I turn around, there is some new piece of technology or some new buzzword-filled marketing trend, that is claiming to be the magic pill that web-based businesses have been searching for to get more sales. Just do this one unique thing, they tell you, and all your e-commerce dreams will come true. The “one thing” almost always conveniently involves spending money on a product or service that promises to be the “it factor” you’ve been missing. Can I tell you a secret? In [...]

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Laundry Day

Everybody Hates Laundry, But That’s No Reason Not To Do It Small Business Insights: Marketing A Guest Blogger post by Daniel Titus Earlier this week I was meeting with a colleague who has designed a massive site for a large and ever-evolving organization. The site has been built; the code is working; everything is ready to go, but they still haven’t launched yet. Why? Because the week before the scheduled launch date there was a change in the information—then another and another. The information can’t stay current enough for approval, so the launch gets delayed. Exasperated by it all, my colleague [...]

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Perception Is Reality

Making The Most Of What You Have Small Business Insights: Marketing Perception is reality...don’t let anyone sell you on anything else. So why not alter perception to your advantage? I pulled into my local gym the other day, noticing an ever-increasing phenomenon...a powerful indicator of human awareness, or more accurately---the lack of it. Walking through the parking lot, I neared the front entrance, noticing two women verbally going-at-it, because one had squeezed a massive vehicle into a slot way too tight, banging the other's paint job… and they weren’t alone. The nearest four rows of parking were packed, most [...]

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