Looking For A Company Email System? Run, Don’t Walk From Accounts Tied To Your Hosting

Small Business Insights: Email

Any self-respecting website designer that includes hosting as a service likewise offers email accounts as well, right? That’s just how things are done. I mean not only email accounts, but unlimited email accounts with unlimited storage. And a free dessert. And a ride home after the show.

At The Affordable Web Guy, we’ve decided to not offer email accounts and here’s why. The big boys do it better and we can’t match the services, scope, and scale of major players like Google Suite (Gmail) and Microsoft’s Office 365 (I just threw up in my mouth). Yes, it’s true. While we appreciate your confidence in our top shelf personal service, we don’t offer what some might consider a cornerstone feature.

It’s not a complicated explanation. The long-story-short answer is: We could offer free accounts but we’ve found them regularly unreliable and stripped of core features. Who needs that? Then we’d also have to manage and administer your accounts during inevitable downtimes. Also, we don’t want to be anywhere near your email accounts (we’ll leave that to the NSA). And for $6 a month, we think Google Suite is a pretty good deal even without the calendars, storage, and online collaboration tools that come with it. We’re happy to help you set up a Google Suite account (as needed).

And let’s be honest–you’d rather be holding your own “keys” to your own Super Administrator email account than rely on a third party. Those login credentials will look better on you than they do on us. Slimming, in fact.