Making The Most Of What You Have

Small Business Insights: Marketing

Perception is reality…don’t let anyone sell you on anything else. So why not alter perception to your advantage? I pulled into my local gym the other day, noticing an ever-increasing phenomenon…a powerful indicator of human awareness, or more accurately—the lack of it.

Walking through the parking lot, I neared the front entrance, noticing two women verbally going-at-it, because one had squeezed a massive vehicle into a slot way too tight, banging the other’s paint job… and they weren’t alone. The nearest four rows of parking were packed, most of which were Soccer mom SUV’s stuffed into “Compact Cars Only” spaces.

Furthermore, this gym is attached to a massive city park, where there are—no joking—a thousand parking spots in the area. It’s become such an issue the gym’s management has had to allocate resources toward solutions.

Now, these are people who’re about to physically kill themselves for upwards of an hour on any number of cardio busting, pulmonary exploding, aerobic activities…and yet, they open themselves to insurance claims, because they won’t walk, literally, an additional ten steps? These are the same people with Fitbits and other pedometers… measuring how many steps they take each day, proudly posting their achievements for the adoration of humanity worldwide.

Opportunity Calls

Perceptions can be favorably altered by simply adding a banner ad and follow-up campaign to the gym’s popular website showing: “Your Workout Begins Here”—pointing to the wide-open, spacious parking slots around the perimeter.

Solutions are always around and the right touches to a website can make the difference—it’s what we do.