University of Arkansas Marketing Genius

Sometimes A Great Idea Is Right In Front Of You! Small Business Insights: Marketing A while back I went to my first University of Arkansas football game. It was a spectacular fall day...too warm for November 1st, that's for sure. As we made our way to the cheap seats, we made the obligatory stop at the concession stand for an $8 souvenir mug of Diet Coke and a hot dog. Once seated, we immediately took to eating our almost entirely tasteless "meal" of encased meat--it was a spectacularly bland dog. But just as the first wave of belches began [...]

Marketing Emails-How Kohls Is Abusing Their Mailing List

Be Good To Your Customer & Respect Their In-Box! Small Business Insights: Marketing My wife recently signed up with the Kohls mailing list in an effort to secure the occasional coupon and special offer as we entered the back to school and consumer-spending-frenzied-fourth quarter. And because she's been around me just long enough, she used our mutual Yahoo email address vs. her personal account. And in case anyone wasn't listening closely let me repeat that little pearl of advice: Secure a Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail account and use them specifically for mailing lists, registrations, and similarly disposable instances. They are [...]

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