University of Arkansas Marketing Genius

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Yesterday I went to my first University of Arkansas football game. It was a spectacular fall day…too warm for November 1st, that’s for sure. As we made our way to the cheap seats (thanks for the tix, Roger; “Free is good”), we made the obligatory stop at the concession stand for an $8 souvenir mug of Diet Coke and a hot dog. Once seated, we immediately took to eating our almost entirely tasteless “meal” of encased meat–it was a spectacularly bland dog. But just as the first wave of belches began to percolate in my still hungry gut it occurred to me: how was it possible that the vendors within this glorious steel and concrete shrine to Razorback pigs had missed the marketing gold that is (insert drumroll here): “Hawg Dog?”

For those of you not living in “The Natural State” of Arkansas (where there is no formal recycling plan; turns out “Natural” is a slogan but not an actual strategy–who knew!), “hawg” is a recognized and oft used alternate spelling of “hog.” It’s especially common across of the tee shirted chests of profoundly overweight women that troll and shuffle down the aisles of the local Wal-Mart. For my money, it might be best to avoid the word “hog” on XXXXL clothing. But I digress…

Using the name “Hawg/Hog Dog” is so spectacularly obvious. Perhaps there’s a copyright afoot and they’re not allowed to use “Hawg/Hog Dog”. But c’mon–if you’re savvy enough to sell me an $8 Diet Coke, then let’s run with that ball and score the clear touchdown that IS the “Hawg/Hog Dog”

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