Sometimes A Great Idea Is Right In Front Of You!

Small Business Insights: Marketing

A while back I went to my first University of Arkansas football game. It was a spectacular fall day…too warm for November 1st, that’s for sure. As we made our way to the cheap seats, we made the obligatory stop at the concession stand for an $8 souvenir mug of Diet Coke and a hot dog. Once seated, we immediately took to eating our almost entirely tasteless “meal” of encased meat–it was a spectacularly bland dog. But just as the first wave of belches began to percolate in my still hungry gut it occurred to me: how was it possible that the vendors within this glorious steel and concrete shrine to Razorback pigs had missed the marketing gold that is (insert drumroll here): “Hawg Dog?”

For the uninformed, “The Natural State” of Arkansas (where there is no formal recycling plan; turns out “Natural” is a slogan but not an actual strategy–who knew!), “hawg” is a recognized and oft used alternate spelling of “hog.”

Using the name “Hawg/Hog Dog” is so spectacularly obvious. Perhaps there’s copyright afoot and they’re not allowed to use “Hawg/Hog Dog”. But c’mon–if you’re savvy enough to sell me an $8 Diet Coke, then let’s run with that ball and score the clear touchdown that IS the “Hawg/Hog Dog”