When Is It Time To Re-Brand?

By: Becky Duncan Why do companies change their logo or branding identity? Most of the time, it is because companies want to keep up with new logo design trends as they develop to avoid falling behind their current or emerging competitors. It may be that a company has decided to undergo a [...]

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007: Quantum of Solace Review

I'll keep it brief: The newest Bond movie was better than most of those produced over the past 30 years, but not as as good as 2006's "Casino Royale". This gadget free Bond was packed with action but a thin story, a boring villain and "not enough Bond" left me a little flat. As another [...]

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James Bond, 007

In anticipation of the new Bond movie "Quantum Of Solace," I re-watched "Casino Royale" for about the third time last night. And as I fired up the DVD, my teenage son revealed that he'd never seen on Bond movie--ever. Now I've never taken the job of parenting for granted--I know it's a tough job and [...]

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