When Is It Time To Re-Brand?

Why Do Companies Change Their Logo? Small Business Insights: Branding A Guest Blogger post by Becky Duncan Why do companies change their logo or branding identity? Most of the time, it is because companies want to keep up with new logo design trends as they develop to avoid falling behind their current or emerging competitors. It may be that a company has decided to undergo a sudden and complete rebrand or they have decided to slowly merge into a new brand. Either way, a new logo and/or new branding elements must be created to do so. June 2019: Pizza [...]

February 28th, 2017|Graphics & Branding, Pop Culture|Comments Off on When Is It Time To Re-Brand?

Apple Victimized By Its Own Success

What Happens When The Bar Is Raised...High Small Business Insights: Technical Originally posted in 2010 Like millions of others, I spent a portion of my day struggling to find a worthwhile feed/stream from the iPad debut. At one point I found myself on a website listening to audio being piped in via cell phone with the corresponding video relying on a video feed from ANOTHER website. And even then, the website with imagery was relegated to frequently updated still images from the event. It was pathetic. I was pathetic for watching it for as long as I did. But [...]

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