Now that the website design is a full time gig vs. a fill-time gig, keeping track of my day has become pretty critical. Where before I could work on websites as time became available, I need to account to each hour lest I find myself distracted by mindless Facebook surfing or HULU episodes of The Little Rascals (let’s be honest with ourselves…Darla had it going on, that little mynx!)

Recently I came across Toggl (no typo). Toggl is an online tool that effectively acts as your project time-clock. You clock in, work on a client website project, then clock out when you stop. Need to make a Quizno’s run? Stop the Toggl timer. A client calls and needs to chat? Stop the Toggl timer. Then with a simple mouse click, you can re-start your project tracking. Better yet, it comes with a Windows based utility (I didn’t look for a MAC version) that runs in your taskbar and syncs with your free online account. It even spits out a nice little report or diary of your weeks efforts.

Bottom Line: Free is good. Free, functional and downright handy=great. While it doesn’t have a broad application to “Joe The Plumber” it DOES for the dude that designs “Joe The Plumbers” website! NICE! (I’m so bloody topical)