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Steve Brown, Search Engine Optimization SpecialistIf you’re looking for a long-term SEO solution for your small business, Steve is our in-house SEO guru and he can provide your website and marketing efforts with critical services that go above-and-beyond on-page strategies. While original and compelling content is king, consider the value of supplemental SEO efforts that include:

  • Website SEO Audit and Review
  • Critical Keyword Research
  • Competitive Market Research and Analysis
  • On-Page Website Optimization
  • Google Friendly Link Building Strategies

What The Heck Is A Backlink & Why I Should Care?

Your backlinks – links to your website from other, third party websites – play a critical role in SEO efforts. Having the right links from relevant and appropriate websites (vs. spam-driven websites of questionable value or function) can improve your Google search results and ranking. Google considers inbound backlinks a “measuring stick” of credibility. If you’re a construction company with a truck-load of backlinks from a shoe company, then you’re probably hurting your SEO instead of helping it. Get the picture?

Steve is our very own and much beloved SEO nerd. He can draw on decades of experience to ensure you’re taking advantage of safe, tested and true SEO strategies that can boost your search result rankings!

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