I’m a guy that spends a lot of time online. So with all that, one might logically assume that’s I’d be able to navigate the in’s and out’s of how things work and how to exploit the tools and features available in most of the more complex websites. Cue the expression, “…if it were a snake, it would have bit you…”

A recent trip to YouTube found me again filtering through the millions of mindless boobs with quite literally nothing to say but still feeling compelled to share it with the masses. The vulgar, inane and bored breed like bunnies on YouTube. But enough with the stereotypes (lest a certain blog be likewise labeled) and on to the show. I stumbled across a simply setting/feature that will revolutionize my Fred Figglehorn / YouTubing experience.

YouTube videos afford users the chance to comment. Regrettably a vast majority (it amazes me how many) of those comments are littered with racial slurs, bigotry and words more appropriate for prison than a computer screen; those who can’t communicate, swear. And on the occasion of sending along a video link to an unsuspecting friend, I’m more or less subjecting them to the balance of content that tags along just below. While I can’t manage another users account, I can at least shield myself from the text based barrage with a simply check of the box and a browser cookie. The option has been there for some time (I never suggested this information was revolutionary). To the point: Select the OPTIONS link that’s adjacent to the “Text Comments” heading and simply check the “Hide Comments” box. The end. No more idiots. No more F-Bombs. No more slander.

Secondary to this simple tweak, here’s another that not as old but will  likewise smooth the road when watching vids and prefer the High Quality version. You’ll need to actually establish a YouTube account, but after doing that you can login and manage your account. Specifically, select the Playback Setup–>Video Playback Quality and check the “I have a fast connection…” radio button.