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Mike began tinkering with websites in the days of the Macintosh Performa 6300 as a way to wind-down after a swing shift gig. His very first site was a public bathroom review website (you're welcome, YELP!)

Website Security Isn’t Optional

Protecting your small business website design can't be an optional, add-on feature and we trust Sucuri with our own website. The Sucuri Firewall (WAF) protects your small business website from software vulnerability exploitation attempts, brute force attacks and distributed denial of service (DDoS) disruptions. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that Sucuri will provide you protection against website [...]

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A CloudFlare Out

Is CloudFlare A Myth? I’ve bounced back and forth on Cloud Flare’s free CDN (content delivery network) service for the better part of a year. Every now and then, I’d configure a website with Cloud Flare and the best of intentions. It is after all supposed to protect websites from downtime and add a layer [...]

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Winning The Domain Lottery

Back in the mid-1990's (or more fondly, "ancient times" as we know the internet ages at the same pace of a dog), I had a fine civil servant's job in Sonoma County, CA. And like everyone else I'd found myself quite amused by the new internet and my Mac Performa (rockin' the 4 megs of RAM, [...]

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Joomla: My Recent Descent Into Hell

I recently secured a small project helping a fellow small business owner update his existing website. That's right, as a WordPress fanboy I stepped up to the challenge of Joomla. Now everyone knows that the expression "It's not that hard" often turns out to be famous last words. Just as it's not that hard to replace [...]

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NaturallySpeaking 11: A 2-Minute Review-Is It Worth It?

After watching David Pogue’s New York Times video review/commentary of the new NaturallySpeaking 11 software I decided it was time to finally take the plunge. I’d been and contemplating it for quite some time but could never quite rationalize making the purchase. After Mr. Pogue’s review it seemed like a bit of a no-brainer for [...]

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Apple Victimized By Its Own Success

Like millions of others, I spent a portion of my day struggling to find a worthwhile feed/stream from the iPad debut. At one point I found myself on a website listening to audio being piped in via a cell phone with the corresponding video relying on a video feed from ANOTHER website. And even then, [...]

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AT&T UVERSE: A 2 Minute Review

For literally years I looked forward to the UVERSE network upgrade that inched slowly-ever so slowly-toward my Little Rock suburb. I checked 'availability' about once a month (using an online tool) and even called in from time to time trying to glean even the most modest pearls of information. Have you ever seen an AT&T [...]

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Marketing Emails-How Kohls Is Abusing Their Mailing List

My wife recently signed up with the Kohls mailing list in an effort to secure the occasional coupon and special offer as we entered the back to school and consumer-spending-frenzied-fourth quarter. And because she's been around me just long enough, she used our mutual Yahoo email address vs. her personal account. And in case anyone [...]

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Google Class Action Settlement: SPAM Or Conspiracy?

Whilst checking my email, I made a rare visit to the SPAM filter that's doing a bang-up job and keeping my INBOX clear of mourning Nigerian's and information about the "vacation cruise of a lifetime" It's a rare occasion because I put a profound degree of trust in the Google/GMAIL system. And more recently, I [...]

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Simple Options That Improve YouTube Browsing

I'm a guy that spends a lot of time online. So with all that, one might logically assume that's I'd be able to navigate the in's and out's of how things work and how to exploit the tools and features available in most of the more complex websites. Cue the expression, "...if it were a [...]

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